Finding the right B2B and B2C pipelines

To keep in practice, I maintain a number of accounts on social media for myself or for Moxie Strategies. These accounts serve a dual purpose. First, they are sandboxes for me to play around in and demo new tactics to Moxie Strategies’ clients I often tutor in the ins and outs of social media. Secondly, these properties are bookmarked real estate for Moxie Strategies or my own brand. However, I don’t recommend keeping a lot of social media profiles up for most B2B or B2c clients. Why? Because the reality is your time is sparse and you need to be thinking not in terms of social media profiles and platforms but in terms of the most logical pipelines . . .


Let’s say, for example, you are a cosmetics company with limited human resources. Does it make sense for your company to post a lot on Linkedin? (Perhaps if you are looking to get venture capital backing of some sort). Otherwise, your current and future beauty product aficionados are not likely to be looking for you on Linkedin. They will be looking for you on Pinterest though. Different social platforms typically have somewhat different user demographics and user objectives. Take this into account and you’ll find yourself automatically targeting your efforts in ways they give you higher returns on investment. In other words, take advantage of the fact that 84% of Pinterest users are women and get pinning photos of models wearing your new line of liquid eyeliner!

Maybe someone told you that blogging was ~*E S S E N T I A L*~ and ever since you and your team have labored away posting blog after blog. The question is: Are you seeing the payoff? (If your answer is, “not sure,” it’s time to call Moxie btw!) Or maybe you have a blog that you feel guilty about daily but don’t actually update except every six months. The truth is, this might not be the end of the world. Maybe it’s time you started blogging the right way with optimized content that attracts actual readers/ potential clients. Or, maybe that almost-dead-blog you suffer a slight rise in anxiety and guilt for every day for should just be plain dead. It all depends on the size of your organization, who you are wanting to reach, for what purpose, the value added potential you have and your capacity to deliver on that value.

By all means, consider reserving your online real estate, as this is a good policy and there are ways to preserve your brand without making your brand’s lack of activity on any give platform that obvious. However, do NOT start worrying about the right sized images and descriptions for a million different platforms until you’ve figured out your most obvious pipelines and please note: They may not always be digital!

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