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See just some of the clients who have benefited from the work of Rachel Lewis/ Moxie Strategies: American Strategic Management Institute, BottomUpEconomy.org, Brightstar Tutors Inc., Centers for Disease Control’s National HIV/AIDS private-public Partnership (NHAP), Coburn Creative, D.C. mayoral campaigns, various EWS & Associates’ clients such as the National Association of Black Accountants; Hip Hop Caucus, innoGOV,TheNextCo, The Performance Institute and Visually Dynamic.

Rachel Lewis was a breath of fresh air to Public Citizen, where she implemented new media initiatives – and I am a better connected and a more savvy pundit because of her. Whether linking me to broadcast producers on Twitter that would later feature me on their shows, or tackling the most important (but often least sexy) systemic challenges of our organization, Rachel was a team player through and through. Her quick grasp of policy, training, and drive is truly missed.”

Tyson Slocum, director of Public Citizen Energy Program

Rachel is an innovative thinker. In the social media arena, you need creativity, drive, and passion; and she has all three in spades. I was consistently impressed with the new avenues she uncovered for promoting Public Citizen’s work. She also excelled at outreach, building relationships in the constantly changing blogosphere to keep us at the forefront of the debate.

Rachel is dedicated and focused, I highly recommend her.

Lisa Gilbert, director of Public Citizen Congress Watch

“I had the privilege of working with Rachel while I was the director of strategic partnerships at Common Cause. Before I knew her, I had heard about her. Rachel is a passionate mover and shaker who understands networking, strategic partnerships, messaging and was the sought after “social media maven” of many coalitions. Rachel Lewis is a person you want to have at the table whenever you are discussing big ideas. She has strategic thinking and project management skills well beyond her years. Hers is a counsel I look forward to having again and any wise company or PR firm would likely feel the same.” June 5, 2013.

Douglass Clopp, worked with Rachel directly while at Common Cause.

“Rachel is a tenacious, strategic and savvy social media maven with a tremendous work ethic. I witnessed Rachel juggle an extremely diverse and challenging portfolio of issues and demands. Despite the challenges of her workload, she was always attentive to detail and yet still able to put herself at a distance and see the bigger picture in terms of how online and offline components of campaigns interact and impactful messaging takes shape. Rachel’s patient cultivation of key media contacts and timely outreach translated into front page features for the campaign in progressive media outlets such as the Huffington Post. These hits elevated our campaign and led to more media opportunities, which Rachel leveraged and promoted in a way I found extremely valuable during fast moving, fast growing campaign.” December 6, 2012.

Mark Hays, Former campaign coordinator for Public Citizen’s constitutional amendment campaign

“We brought Rachel on board to assist in general marketing activities, but she instantly proved herself to be an expert in social media program implementation and measurement. Thanks to Rachel, we have some of our first benchmarks for social networking activity!”
July 7, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Nicole Cathcart
hired Rachel as a Business Consultant in 2009

Rachel is a connector, a coalition builder. She also has a great instinct for utilizing the Internet . . . from her keen eye for website usability, text and design to her enthusiasm for Web 2.0 applications. She’s the rare kind of person who is capable of seeing both the big picture and the microscopic at the same time. I’ve sought her insights on more than one occasion, as her analytical abilities and media instincts are superb.” May 5, 2008

Neil Richardson, managed Rachel at D.C. mayoral campaign and administration transition and other initiatives

Rachel Lewis helped catalyze business for my company. She is a very good marketer. She conducted competitive market research and analysis for me, composed tutor recruitment postings, among other things. The work was of high quality, and was completed on schedule and on budget.” April 18, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative
Larry Phillips
hired Rachel as a Business Consultant in 2007

I have contracted with Rachel A. Lewis on numerous occasions to provide reporting and writing for client publications. Rachel was able to quickly gain an understanding of client organizations’ issues and subject matter (i.e., social policy, hip hop culture, community development finance, to small business) and establish a rapport with people/interview subjects in order to write stories suitable for publication. I highly recommend Rachel for freelance editorial work.” April 18, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time
Elaine Smith
hired Rachel as a Writer/Editor in 2006, and hired Rachel more than once

Rachel is a focused ball of energy that is able to charge forward and make a difference in the lives around her. She is very pro-active and doesn’t believe in the concept of no. She is great to work with. I recommend her strongly.” April 16, 2008

Ross Johnston, Account Manager, CBS 11 (Media News Group)

When I was Media Director for HMA Associates Inc., Rachel proved herself to be a very competent marketing strategist. She is really able to take things to a higher level. She delivered fresh new ideas with great energy! She is great at connecting the dots and she utilizes her creativity and past experiences in ways that would make her an asset to any firm/organization. I highly recommend her.” April 13, 2008

Cyn Hawkins Davis, Media Director, HMA Associates, Inc.
managed Rachel indirectly at Moxie Strategies

Rachel came through for Crossroad Media in a very time-sensitive, high pressure situation in which there was no room for error. I recommend her highly not only for her creative talents but her professionalism and grace under pressure.” April 10, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Ben Green
hired Rachel as a Writer/Editor in 2007, and hired Rachel more than once

In the time that Rachel and I worked together I found her to be a self-motivated and enthusiastic employee. She was extremely proactive in her day-to-day duties — always being one-step ahead and making sure that she was prepared for anything and everything that was asked of her. Rachel is definitely an asset to any company.”
April 8, 2008

Josh Sekine, Public Relations Manager, HMA Associates managed Rachel indirectly at Moxie Strategies

Rachel Lewis trained me for my current position as Officer of Development and Marketing. Rachel is a self-starter and is full of motivation and creativity. She has a keen eye for detail. She is an excellent critical thinker and she has strong interpersonal communication and networking skills. Her past experiences, combined with her helpful and positive attitude, have left me well-prepared for my position. Not only has she seamlessly passed over job duties and insight, she is still constantly available as I have arising questions and is always willing to help. She is very dedicated.
April 14, 2008

Valerie McConnell, Officer of Development and Marketing, William King Regional Arts Center reported to Rachel at William King Regional Arts Center

Rachel really came through for the development office during her time at William King Regional Arts Center. She is very focused and detail-oriented with a wonderful feel for cause-based marketing. She uses the Internet to its fullest extent and would be an asset to any organization.” April 14, 2008

Emily Woolwine, Officer of Development and Marketing, William King Regional Arts Center worked directly with Rachel at William King Regional Arts Center 

I am an attorney with Essential Action’s Access to Medicines Project . . . Rachel Lewis and I worked together as environmental activists while we were students at the College of William & Mary. Rachel took on the challenge of organizing a Earth Week in 2000 so gripping and popular that it would simultaneously symbolize and complete William & Mary’s transformation into an emerging progressive campus . . . set a new standard for attendance levels and professionalism in tidewater Virginia regional activism. I can see its ripples even today.

The following year, Rachel conceived and organized a campaign for the college to conduct a Green Audit (or environmental efficiency review), which would serve the dual purpose of reducing the campus ecological footprint and providing sorely-needed cost savings. This became a major plank in student political campaigns and was eventually conducted in several phases . . . In each of these initiatives, Rachel coordinated the efforts of many volunteers.

Beyond that, the principal feature of Rachel’s campaigns is focused and consistent messaging. Rachel understands how to draw out the key, concise, and persuasive elements of an idea and put them to the public in memorable fashion. She’ll protect a campaign from communicating more than its audience can digest, or from spreading its assets too thin. Rachel did some great work in the time we worked together. I’m proud to have been a part of it.” May 29, 2008

Peter Maybarduk, Director, Access to Medicines and musical artist. Hired Rachel as a promotional manager for his record label in 2009.

Note: More references available upon request.